O’Bryan, Brown & Toner has been defending nursing home providers from Kentucky and Indiana for over two decades. As a result of our significant trial experience and knowledge of the law surrounding nursing home issues, our attorneys consistently provide clients skillful, ethical and cost efficient representation.

Our extensive experience with the medical issues associated in the medical malpractice arena has translated well into our defense of nursing home providers. Our firm has handled a significant number of cases involving pressure sores, falls, infections and aspiration as well as numerous other issues which confront the nursing home industry.

We know how to interact with each level of health care provider from nursing staff to physician consultants. We purposely choose to defend health care providers because we believe in their mission of helping those in need of medical care. We know that being named as a defendant in a highly contested and legally complicated matter can be very stressful. Our goal is to provide the support and passionate advocacy needed by our clients during this difficult time. We appreciate the risks associated with the nursing home industry and understand the complex legal issues which can arise in our litigious society.

As a testament to our proactive and hands-on approach, many of our clients seek us out for continuing legal support even after their litigation is concluded.

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