June, 2021

David Strite and Rachel Dalton Dearmond successfully defended two internal medicine physicians against claims that they failed to timely diagnose limb ischemia in a patient presenting with bilateral lower extremity weakness.  Plaintiff argued that the standard of care required the internal medicine physicians to consider a vascular cause for Plaintiff’s complaints because of an aortic aneurysm repair graft she received more than 20 years prior. Strite and Dearmond argued that Plaintiff’s presentation was exceedingly rare for vascular occlusion.  Plaintiff’s presentation was much more consistent with a neurological or infectious etiology, and the Defendants were reasonable in their actions to work-up these conditions.  Plaintiff asked the jury to return a verdict in the amount of $17,160,314.60.  The jury agreed with Strite and Dearmond and rendered a verdict in favor of all Defendants.

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