March, 2020

In Terre Haute, Indiana, OBT successfully defended a dentist and his practice against claims of malpractice.

Plaintiff alleged that the dentist and his dental practice committed malpractice when a hygienist employed by the practice lacerated Plaintiff’s gum while performing a root planing and perio scaling procedure.  Plaintiff claimed this alleged laceration caused him profuse bleeding and pain, which ultimately forced him to seek treatment at a local emergency department.

OBT was able to persuade the Court that Plaintiff needed an expert to support his claims of medical malpractice due to the technical nature of root planing and perio scaling procedures.  OBT was also able to establish that the treatment provided by the dentist and his dental practice to Plaintiff met the applicable standard of care and did not cause Plaintiff’s claimed damages.

A defense verdict was rendered for the dentist and his practice.

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