November, 2022

Sarah N. Vrabel received a defense verdict following a bench trial in Hendricks County on November 7, 2022.  Plaintiff alleged negligence in placing implants and providing a prosthesis.  Plaintiff further alleged to have not received the permanent fixed appliance which he requested and that the denture he received fit poorly and could not be maintained.  Plaintiff presented evidence of approximately $20,000 in past and future expenses as well as damages related to the claimed poor function of his dentures.  Defendant responded showing that the dentist counseled and instructed the plaintiff on how to properly wear and utilize the device in order to become acclimated to the new prosthetic and likewise closely monitored the patient following delivery of the denture.  Adjustments were made after the patient presented with reports of the denture falling out but was adjusted to the patient’s satisfaction.  The defending dentist provided expert testimony explaining that the denture fit appropriately in all respects but also argued that proper fit and function required a component of patient compliance that had not always occurred.

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