February 9, 2009

Christopher O’Bryan was successful in defending a prosthodontist in Jefferson County in a dental negligence case. Plaintiff alleged that substandard bridge work caused headaches in addition to aggravating pre-existing conditions. Plaintiff blamed the Defendant’s procedure for her pain, which remained even after a subsequent treater later performed repair work. Plaintiff sought $23,819 for past medical and an additional $230,000 for pain and suffering. Plaintiff’s expert contended that the bridge the Defendant installed had too many wide margins, among other errors. The defense maintained that the bridge was properly designed and installed, and that the Plaintiff’s ongoing suffering was due instead to the pre-existing conditions. The expert for the defense, having over 20 years of experience in the dental field, asserted that the Defendant was not negligent and complied with the standard of care. The jury agreed and rendered a judgment in favor of the defense.

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