April, 2023

In a two-week trial beginning in late March 2023, James Grohmann and Justin Janes successfully defended a Louisville surgical oncologist and his employer against claims for medical malpractice in [...]

April, 2023

Chad Bradford and Sarah Vrabel obtained a defense verdict in favor of an ophthalmology practice in Delaware County (Muncie, Indiana) on March 30, 2023. After he suffered a chemical exposure and [...]

February 21, 2023

James Grohmann and Morgan Blind successfully defended a Louisville developmental behavioral pediatrician against claims for medical malpractice in Jefferson Circuit Court. Plaintiffs alleged that [...]

February, 2023

Gerry Toner and Scott Burroughs successfully defended an emergency department physician in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Louisville, Kentucky. Plaintiffs alleged that the emergency department [...]

January 13, 2023

Mark Hammond and Pete Pullen successfully defended a Corbin, KY nursing home alleged to have abused and neglected an elderly dementia resident. Plaintiff alleged that negligent nursing home care [...]

December 21, 2022

Mark Hammond and Nick Davis obtained summary judgment on behalf of a Louisville, KY urologist accused of negligently performing an orchiectomy. Plaintiff’s expert opined that it was negligent to [...]

December, 2022

Joshua Davis and Rachel Dearmond successfully defended a dermatology practice in Louisville, Kentucky against claims for tortious interference with contract and aiding and abetting breach of duties

June, 2023

Pete Pullen and Kristen Johnson obtained summary judgment in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky in a premises liability case.

November, 2022

Sarah N. Vrabel received a defense verdict following a bench trial in Hendricks County on November 7, 2022. Plaintiff alleged negligence in placing implants and providing a prosthesis. [...]

November, 2022

Clay Edwards, Chad Bradford and Morgan Blind successfully defended an Indianapolis ophthalmologist against claims for medical malpractice in Marion Superior Court.

October, 2022

Pete Pullen and Nick Davis won summary judgment in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky last month, successfully arguing that Kentucky’s Worker’s Comp up-the-ladder [...]

August, 2022

James Grohmann and Pete Pullen won an appeal with Kentucky Court of Appeals resulting in arbitration enforcement in a nursing home negligence case.

August, 2022

John Shockley received a very thorough opinion and order granting a motion for summary judgment regarding a very tricky homeowners’ coverage question. The case involved a problematic bit of [...]

August, 2022

Michael Dailey and Joseph Klausing successfully defended a prominent urogynecologist against allegations of medical negligence stemming from the performance of a major pelvic reconstructive [...]

May 27, 2022

Chad J. Bradford and David S. Strite obtained a defense verdict in favor of a nurse practitioner and her employer in Boone County Circuit Court (Lebanon, Indiana) on May 27, 2022.