July 10, 2002

A Fayette County jury found in favor of two Lexington surgeons who allegedly mismanaged a patient, allowing bowel necrosis to develop.  The first surgeon observed the patient for six days before an MRI revealed a necrotizing bowel injury affecting the jejunum.  Surgery ensued, and the patient lost a significant portion of his bowel.  Two months later, the patient returned with an open hernia wound.  The second physician told the man to return the next day.  Then, a second surgery was performed, this time with even more complications.  The Plaintiff alleged that the first surgeon should have diagnosed the condition sooner while the second should have operated immediately instead of waiting a day.  In defense, Clay Edwards argued on behalf of both the physicians, pointing out that such a condition rarely affects the jejunum.  The Plaintiff got none of the $1,038,800 requested.

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