July 16, 1998

A federal jury exonerated a Fort Knox obstetrician following complications during a birth. The obstetrician chose to perform a C-section after fetal distress was noticed. Since there was no anesthesiologist on duty, the obstetrician had a nurse call one to the hospital. After a 54 minute delay, the child was finally birthed, but because of oxygen deprivation, the child now suffers from severe cerebral palsy and requires total care. The Plaintiff alleged the doctor mismanaged the situation, saying the doctor should have proceeded more cautiously knowing there was no anesthesiologist available, and should have called the anesthesiologist herself instead of delegating the responsibility. Donald Brown represented the physician, arguing that the standard of care was upheld. The jury reached a verdict awarding the Plaintiff $20,864,937, but every penny of fault was attributed to the hospital, none to the obstetrician.

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