July 26, 2010

Tracy Prewitt successfully defended a pain management physician and his practice group in Jefferson Circuit Court.  Plaintiff alleged that the pain management physician failed to diagnose and treat a MRSA infection of the programmable infusion pain pump and intrathecal catheter that the physician had implanted in the plaintiff to manage his chronic pain condition.  Prewitt defended the case by establishing that the plaintiff knew of the risk of infection when he elected to have the intrathecal pain pump implanted.  Unfortunately, despite vigilant medical care and treatment by the physician, the plaintiff did in fact contract an aggressive MRSA infection that quickly lead to the formation of a spinal abscess.  However, once the plaintiff’s symptomology was indicative of infection the physician immediately prescribed appropriate antibiotics and acted reasonably in obtaining a neurosurgical consult.  The jury agreed with the defense and returned with a verdict finding no fault with the pain management physician.

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