July 9, 2009

Clay Edwards and Joshua Davis successfully defended an Indiana doctor accused of over-medicating a patient following a C-section.  The plaintiff claimed that the overdose of pain medication led to a seizure, which left the patient with two dislocated shoulders, one of which she was still unable to use at the time of the trial.  The plaintiff’s family supported this testimony and added the claim that other members of the hospital staff had not been helpful in managing the plaintiff’s pain.

Edwards and Davis pointed out to the jury that the plaintiff had no recollection of the alleged seizure.  Nor did the medical records mention any such incident.  Further, the defense showed discrepancies between the testimonies of family members to additionally discredit the plaintiff’s testimony.  It was also established that the plaintiff refused to let medical professionals examine her after the alleged seizure and that she had a documented prior history of mental instabilities, which the plaintiff denied in court.  The jury sided with the defendant and returned a defense verdict.

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