June, 2014

Joshua Davis successfully defended a community hospital in Casey Circuit Kentucky. Plaintiff alleged that the hospital failed to timely administer anti-nausea medication and failed to monitor and protect the Plaintiff’s airway during and after vomiting. Plaintiff alleged these failures resulted in aspiration induced cardiorespiratory failure and multiple Code procedures. Plaintiff further alleged that the administration of Code drugs through an IV line in Plaintiff’s right hand leaked into surrounding tissues which required the amputation of Plaintiff’s right arm. Along with various treating physicians from the University of Kentucky, a Harvard educated cardiothoracic surgeon and nursing expert supported Plaintiff’s theory of the case. Plaintiff sought in excess of $4.4 million in damages at the beginning of trial. Davis defended on both the standard of care and causation with a cardiologist and a nursing expert that the hospital’s nurses provided excellent care and that Plaintiff suffered an unpreventable cardiac arrest. They also argued that the care Plaintiff received from the defendant hospital saved her life. After a week of trial, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict that the hospital had met the standard of care.

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