March 27, 2007

A Jefferson County jury needed less than 45 minutes to return a defense verdict in favor of a local transportation company.   Plaintiff was at a standstill in her vehicle at Fourth and Muhammad Ali when her vehicle was struck on the right front passenger side by an automobile driven by the defendant.  Her right thumb impacted the steering wheel and her right knee struck the dashboard according to the Plaintiff.  At trial, the Plaintiff sought medical expenses in the amount of $10,613.00, $8,500.00 of lost wages and past and future mental and physical pain and suffering was valued at $25,000.00.  Interestingly, the Court directed fault against the defendant driver prior to closing arguments.  Nevertheless, O’Bryan, Brown and Toner, through an effective cross-examination of the plaintiff, was able to convince the jury that the defendant was not at fault.  The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict and awarded nothing to the Plaintiff.

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