May 20, 2003

An Oldham County jury found in favor of a family doctor and vascular surgeon.  A patient suffering dizziness and nausea was given a CT scan.  Both physicians concluded that the condition was likely an occluded artery, and from this conclusion did not administer the coagulant-preventive drug Heparin.  The patient was hospitalized for three days, but hours after his release, the patient suffered a serious stroke and now has limited movement, diminished ambulatory capacities, and suffers constant headaches.  The Plaintiff sought 8.3 million dollars in damages, arguing had Heparin been administrated, a neurologist consulted, and the patient not hastily released, the stroke could have been less debilitating or even entirely prevented.  The defense successfully argued that the diagnosis of occlusion was consistent with the patient’s presentation, and thus neither Heparin nor a neurological consult were warranted.  Furthermore, upon release, the patient appeared improving and stable.

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