November 23, 2010

Donald Brown and Mark Hammond successfully defended a Lexington based obstetrician in this medical malpractice action in Fayette County, KY.  Plaintiffs claimed that the physician negligently failed to recognize an obstetric complication known as vasa previa where fetal vessels cross the inner cervical os during pregnancy and result in fetal death.  Plaintiffs sought approximately $4 million for the loss of their child.  Brown and Hammond defended by submitting medical proof that vasa previa had been conclusively ruled out by ultrasound prior to delivery and that the physician appropriately relied upon the ultrasound report.  Further medical proof was submitted which indicated that the baby’s death actually resulted from either a placental abruption or a fetal-maternal hemorrhage, both of which were unpreventable.  Defense experts included a radiologist from Harvard University and obstetricians from Louisville, KY and Newport Beach, CA.  The jury agreed with the Defendant and found in his favor.

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