October 2, 2002

Mark Hammond
was successful in defending a Louisville area car dealership accused of defectively repairing an automobile. Plaintiff claimed compensatory damages at trial of over $19,000 pursuant to his inability to utilize the vehicle and also sought an additional $100,000 based upon an alleged violation of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act. Plaintiff’s expert alleged that Plaintiff’s motor vehicle had defects in the driver’s side rocker panel, sunroof, and in a plastic panel near the windshield. Hammond defended by calling as a witness an independent appraiser who praised the repair work at issue.  Plaintiff’s expert was also forced to admit on cross-examination that he was unable to criticize the repair work performed by the Defendant as he has no knowledge of the damage caused in Plaintiff’s motor vehicle accident or the repairs performed by the Defendant.  After Hammond agreed to a jury inspection of the car at issue, the jury was left unimpressed with Plaintiff’s claims. A unanimous defense verdict was returned in approximately ten minutes.

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